Become a client magnet
why chase leads when they can chase you

Stop wasting time and do what other businesses do. Keep customers walking through the door.

  • Expand your social media empire by turning on the upsell opportunities.

  • Offer services that customers are actually looking for. Show them a whole menu of social media services and get their business.

  • Comments monitoring and reputation management services are two of the most sought after offers that business are seeking out in social media agencies.

  • Offer advertising services that businesses urgently needs and show them a drastic improvement in their bottom line with advertising on all platforms.

  • Become the true authority and expert in social media by offering prospects your knowledge for free.

  • Business owners want to make sure that their business is in good hands with you, show them how you can make it better before they even sign up.

  • Professionally-designed tools and ebooks to help you convince customers that you are the authority when it comes to all their burning social media questions.

  • Show your customers and prospects that you know how to improve their advertising strategies to skyrocket their ROIs.


Why you need to take a closer
look at Kickstart Social Service Upgrade

Client magnet

Build your list easily and attract more customers with more variety in the services that you offer compared to other social media agencies

Wide service menu

From management to reputation to monitoring, explore other avenues that are certified business closers

Generate important leads

Build a highly segmented list where you can offer highly specialized services or offers that will convert

Build authority

Businesses want their projects handled by a professional and becoming the authority will allow you to close more businesses easily with less chances of rejection

Valuable resources

Offer valuable resources to your prospects and customers and let them know that you can help them

Social media knowledge

Share your social media knowledge to the world and it all comes back in the form of business deals

Lead Generation Templates

Professionally-designed lead generation templates that will help you build your list. Business it not just about closing business right now but also hedging your bets with the future with a list of prospective clients that you can go back to in the future.

Lead Magnet Downloads

Offer a wide variety of resources to your prospects whenever they sign up to your landing pages. Call it a bribe, or whatever, but having these important resources allow you to create a relationship with your prospects from the start and by providing them professional material, you're more likely to do business with them.

Service Landing Pages

Offer different services to your clients that are not the usual management and posting ones. Offer high value services such as reputation management and social media advertising which are really important services to have if you want to grow your social media agency and take it to new heights.

Resources, PDFs, and Cheat Sheets

Provide your customers, clients, and audience a window to your expertise with free downloads such as cheat sheets, ebooks and other PDFs. Show them that you're the expert when it comes to social media and when they have a burning question they come to you.

Management, Advertising, and Reputation

Social media services is not just about management and posting and sharing other people's post. Social media a wide expanse and if you're not working on advertising, reputation, management and account and comment monitoring then you're missing out on a large chunk.

What's included with
Kickstart Social Pro Service Upgrade

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Pre-made Social Media Landing Pages

up2 mock5.2

Social Media Authority Builder

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Full Social Media Menu For Clients

up2 mock6.2

Downloadable Resources for Clients

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Lead Generation Made Easy

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Fully Integrated System

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What are you waiting for?

If your business is not yet a client magnet then there is room for improvement. Stop wasting time and work on our tried and tested methods to make sure customers keep knocking on your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO, in order to get access to Kickstart Social, you only need to pay once. There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees and no surprise fees. Once you pay, it's yours.


With other themes, you need to wrestle them in order for you to have a working business website. Kickstart Social is the complete opposite. You only need to click some buttons once and that's it you're done.


Absolutely, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll refund instantly. No questions asked.


You can absolutely do that, although we do highly recommend you build your business from the ground up using Kickstart Social. It's easy to use and you can setup your business in under 5 minutes.