Deploy your Business Efficiently

Step-by-step trainig to kickstart your business and take it to new heights


Build your business

Comprehensive guide to build your very own social media agency from the ground up that teaches you the current trends and best practices


Step-by-Step Process

Building your business should not be impossibly difficult as long as you are following a system that has been proven to produce results


Efficient Methods

To get to the next step your foundation needs to be solid and this is what this course offers you so you can easily take the next step


Businesses and Manuals

Business generally don't have manuals to teach you if what you're doing is right. The problem is that TVs and Legos have manuals so why not businesses.

The Biz Kickstart Course is exactly the manual that you're looking for your social media business. The days of you getting left in the dark on how to run your business is over.

Even if you have absolutely no experience in starting a business, the Biz Kickstart Course will guide you every step of the way.

Over the shoulder

The best way to learn is to do it yourself and the best way to do that is to look at samples and that's exactly what's included in Biz Kickstart Course.

It will have the over-the-shoulder feel where you look over our shoulder and we look over yours to make sure what you're doing is right.

The topics are thorough but presented in a gentle manner. Specific and also insightful at the same time so for the next business you build you'll easily remember what's in the course.

  • Zero business knowledge and skills required

  • Absolutely NO technical skills required

  • 100% Step-by-step and replicable

  • First contact best practices and follow up sequences

  • Apply to other niches and business not just social media

What's inside Biz Kickstart Course

Week 1: Setup

How to start your social media business empire? Where do I start? These are some of the questions that Week 1 will answer. The first module of the course also looks at the different possible offers you can present to your customers and audience.

Week 3: Service Delivery Method

What do you actually do when you have clients on board? Do you have any tips to make these all easy? This module focuses on exactly that. This is all about your content strategy and how to create different content, including videos easily.

Week 2: Client Acquisition

Are there even potential customers for my business? What is my customer avatar? Interesting questions and very much so something that will concern you as you start your business. This module will focus on engaging your perfect customer.

Week 4: Outsourcing and Automation

When your business is sustainable enough, it's time to scale it up. This model is very much scalable and this module will show you how to scale it up by improving your business process with automation and possibly hiring smart employees

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What are you waiting for?

If your business is not yet a client magnet then there is room for improvement. Stop wasting time and work on our tried and tested methods to make sure customers keep knocking on your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO, in order to get access to Kickstart Social, you only need to pay once. There are no monthly fees, no hidden fees and no surprise fees. Once you pay, it's yours.


With other themes, you need to wrestle them in order for you to have a working business website. Kickstart Social is the complete opposite. You only need to click some buttons once and that's it you're done.


Absolutely, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just contact us and we'll refund instantly. No questions asked.


You can absolutely do that, although we do highly recommend you build your business from the ground up using Kickstart Social. It's easy to use and you can setup your business in under 5 minutes.